"We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship." Harville Hendrix

Our greatest joy, and our greatest sorrow, comes from our most intimate relationships.

Have you ever wondered-

  • Why am I not happy in this relationship?
  • How can we get unstuck?
  • How do I deal with my partner’s porn use?
  • Can we ever heal from this affair? 
  • How can we stop fighting? (about parenting? household work? sex?)

While there are many issues that come up in a relationship, most of them are made worse by lack of emotional connection with your partner.

How can marriage counseling help?

I help couples create this emotional connection, which in turn leads to a reduction in conflict. I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) pioneered by Sue Johnson. In Hold Me Tight, she writes, "When marriages fail, it is not increasing conflict that is the cause. It is decreasing affection and emotional responsiveness...”

During marriage counseling I work with you and your partner on increasing emotional responsiveness. You'll know when you've achieved greater affection and responsiveness when you and your partner don't feel like you're stuck in the same negative patterns of interaction. These patterns include blaming, withdrawing, isolating, and criticizing, among other things. 

I work with you and your partner to identify and stop the negative patterns occuring in your relationship.